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Terreal Zen Tile Series Monopitch Tile End (ZM26)

Terreal Zen Tile Series Monopitch Tile End (ZM26)

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Introduction & Product Specifications

Produced with an innovative machine-press system, Zen Tile Series has a superior strength when compared to conventional flat tiles, that enables less breakage and chipping during transport and installation. It also presents unique Double Interlocking and Double Overlapping System, Double Water Channel with Weather Rib at its top, and a Double Elevated Nail Hole for perfect fixing. The combination of those features, together with use of our CoolMax™ insulation system, will ensure perfect watertightness under tropical weather.


Colours Available

Terreal offers sets of colours exclusively to fulfil any owner and specifier preference.

Ebony Black (CT.1)Dark Silver (CT.2)Coffe Brown (CT.3)Moonlight Grey (CT.4)Clay Red (CT.5)


5 Revolutionary Cool Tones For All Weather

With emphasis on performance and appearance, Zen Tile Series provides homeowners with a range of quality tiles that are versatile and innovative at the same time. Zen Tile Series comes along with 5 revolutionary colours to choose from, featuring exclusive matt contemporary design and unique smooth surface finishing. Above all, Zen Tile Series offer unrivalled durability, giving you superior roof protection which results in total peace of mind, year after year.


2x Heat Reflective

  • Zen Tiles Series reflects twice the amount of heat away from your roof, creating excellent indoor thermal comfort. Of course, all this translates into energy savings.

2x UV Protected Colours

  • Thanks to the UV Protection feature, Zen Tile Series offers outstanding resistance against the damaging effects of UV rays. This means roof colours will last longer and stay vibrant for years to come.

Low Dirt Pick Up

  • Zen Tile Series incorporates an innovative formulation which forms a durable and water-resistant surface on your roofs. Rainwater easily and naturally washes dirt off the roof, consistently ensuring that your roofs are always clean and bright.

Exclusive Matt Finishing

  • Whatever colour you desire for your roof, Zen Tile Series offer a variety  that exude a contemporary and serene appearance, giving you roofs that look good and work well at the same time.

Anti-Algae and Anti-Fungal

  • With its non-toxic, high quality film preservative, Zen Tile Series protects your roofs from algae and fungus attacks that commonly afflict roofs in tropical regions.


Fittings & Components


 Ridge/Hip End [ZM1] 3 Way Apex [ZM12]
 Ridge/Hip Tile (2.5pcs/m) [ZM3] 4 Way Apex [ZM13]
 Ridge End Cap [ZM6] Socket Tile + V Pipe Set [ZM15]
 Overlapping Verge Tile [ZM8] Monopitch Tile (2.5pcs/m) [ZM25]
 Overlapping Verge End [ZM9] Monopitch Tile End [ZM26]



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