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Lama Roman Roof Tiles Monotone Colours


Lama Roman Roof Tiles Monotone Colours

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  • Model: ROMAN-RT-MC
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Building Materials/Roofing System

Lama Roman Roof Tiles Monotone Colours


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Red Tangerine Brown Carnelian


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Broader and Deeper Water Course Bolder Roll

Lama Roman's broader and deeper water courses allows a higher volume and flow of water. This added water dissipation capacity is critical especially during heavy rain falls therefore preventing flooding, which may lead to water leakages.


Lama Roman's bolder roll has been specially designed to provide higher structural strengths for a higher break loading tolerance during transportation and installatoin as well as resistance against cross winds and side flow of water which may lead to leakages.

Critical Side Laps to Allow Precision Interlocking Precision Tile Interlocks

Lama Roman's critical laps are raised to the highest point with two very well defined beadings, forming the critical water channels to provide protection against seeping of water. Rainwater is diverted away from the side lap into the wider water courses where it flows easily down the roof.


Lama Roman's extended douoble ridge interlockings are extruded with high precision to ensure perfect interlocking and leak proof fit for the adjacent tile, therefore providing maximum weather protection.

Triple Weather Bars Pressure Zones Created By
The Triple Weather Bars

Lama Roman's Triple Weather Bars created air pressure zones blocking the wind driven water from seeping in while the second and third pressure zones acts as additional safeguards against leakages caused by strong headwinds.


Lama Roman's Triple Weather Bars creates the swirling air turbulences from energy derived from the rishing wind on the underside of the tile, this creating the triple presure zones in between their multiple cavities.


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