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Power Tools/Bosch Saws

Features & BenefitsImproved tool lifespan by 20% in metal cuttingSaw blade life lasts longer on average usage compared to competitorsWith Bosch SDS system for convenient changing of saw blades1 Ye..
RM687.00 RM707.00
DescriptionHigh cutting efficiency and cutting precision.  High performance of frequent Aluminum cutting.   Features & Benefits Highest precision cutt..
RM875.00 RM1,099.00
Features & Benefits High cutting efficiency due to 1200 W motor.  Light and compact.  Both two-handed and single-handed apply.   ​Technical Data&..
RM390.00 RM422.50
Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 580 watts.  Sturdy “double” design: metal gear housing with additional plastic casing. Perfect co-ordination and manufacturi..
RM555.00 RM588.00
Features & BenefitsHandy machine for circular saw work of all kinds in the industry and in the trades. Compact and lightweight. For rip, cross and mitre cuts in wood and similar materials, ma..
RM470.00 RM520.00
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