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PE Water Tanks

Plumbing/PE Water Tanks

DescriptionWarranty: 25 YEARSPolymer ElixirCapacity: 2000LTR/450GALDimension (LxWxH): 1213mm (L) x 1213mm (W) x 2030mm (H)Cover: 400mm (D)Inlet size: 25mm / 1''Outlet size: 25mm/ 1" Colour Availa..
DescriptionWarranty: 25 YEARSPolymer ElixirCapacity: 1500LTR/330GALDimension (LxWxH): 1157mm (L) x 1157mm (W) x 1775mm (H)Cover: 400mm (D)Inlet size: 25mm / 1''Outlet size: 25mm/ 1" Colour Availa..
DescriptionWarranty: 25 YEARSPolymer ElixirCapacity: 1000LTR/220GALDimension (LxWxH): 938mm (L) x 938mm (W) x 1780mm (H)Cover: 400mm (D)Inlet size: 25mm / 1''Outlet size: 25mm/ 1" Colour Availabl..
Description Model: N5000.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 5150.  Nominal (N): 5430.  .  Diameter (D): 2800mm.  Height (H): 4379mm. ..
RM17,600.00 RM22,000.00
Description Model: N4000.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 4190.  Nominal (N): 4410.  .  Diameter (D): 2800mm.  Height (H): 3639mm. ..
RM14,080.00 RM17,600.00
Description Model: N3500.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 3500.  Nominal (N): 3620.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 3510mm. ..
RM12,320.00 RM15,400.00
Description Model: N3000.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 3090.  Nominal (N): 3300.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 3200mm. ..
RM10,560.00 RM13,200.00
Description Model: N2500.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 2550.  Nominal (N): 2640.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 2650mm. ..
RM8,400.00 RM10,500.00
Description Model: N2000.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 2070.  Nominal (N): 2380.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 2210mm. ..
RM6,720.00 RM8,400.00
Description Model: N1500A.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1500.  Nominal (N): 1630.  .  Diameter (D): 1905mm.  Height (H): 2620mm.  ..
RM5,040.00 RM6,300.00
Description Model: N1500.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1500.  Nominal (N): 1610.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 1650mm. ..
RM5,040.00 RM6,300.00
Description Model: N1250A.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1280.  Nominal (N): 1320.  .  Diameter (D): 1905mm.  Height (H): 2110mm.  ..
RM4,200.00 RM5,250.00
Description Model: N1150.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1180.  Nominal (N): 1260.  .  Diameter (D): 1600mm.  Height (H): 2850mm. ..
RM3,864.00 RM4,830.00
Description Model: N1000B.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1000.  Nominal (N): 1040.  .  Diameter (D): 1905mm.  Height (H): 1800mm.  ..
RM3,360.00 RM4,200.00
Description Model: N1000A.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1080.  Nominal (N): 1290.  .  Diameter (D): 2440mm.  Height (H): 1250mm.  ..
RM3,360.00 RM4,200.00
Description Model: N1000.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 1080.  Nominal (N): 1170.  .  Diameter (D): 1600mm.  Height (H): 2620mm. ..
RM3,360.00 RM4,200.00
Description Model: N900.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 970.  Nominal (N): 1060.  .  Diameter (D): 1600mm.  Height (H): 2413mm. ..
RM3,024.00 RM3,780.00
Description Model: N800.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 860.  Nominal (N): 950.  .  Diameter (D): 1500mm.  Height (H): 1650mm. &..
RM2,688.00 RM3,360.00
Description Model: N700.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 750.  Nominal (N): 840.  .  Diameter (D): 1600mm.  Height (H): 1890mm. &..
RM2,352.00 RM2,940.00
Description Model: N600.  Capacity (Gallons) Effective (E): 650.  Nominal (N): 740.  .  Diameter (D): 1500mm.  Height (H): 1900mm. &..
RM2,016.00 RM2,520.00
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