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Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools

A lot is expected from professionals: speed, reliability, competence, endurance. So isn't only fair to demand the same from their power tools? The professional power tools from Bosch are developed for professionals from professionals.


Developed for professionals means developed by working together with professional tradesman.

When Developing new power tools, Bosch works very closely with professional who use power tool as part of their everyday work. This practical knowledge is incorporated into the development of new power tools.


Tested in practice by professionals

All professional blue power tool are tested under hardest  conditions -  be it on an oil rig, inside a mountain tunnel or on high wooden roller coaster. Bosch Power tools are therefore guaranteed to reliably server professionals and to fulfill the high expectations.


Expertise in power tools, accessories and service

With its professional blue product range, Bosch is the leading supplier of power tools for trade and industry. Bosch's expertise also includes a wide range of accessories and a comprehensive service package. These service and expertise will convince you and your customers to choose Bosch.

Features & BenefitsAbsolutely secure stance on any floor.  Robust aluminum design.  For work heights from 55 to 157 cm.  Functionality and precision due to circular via..
RM98.00 RM140.00
Features & BenefitsPowerful 670w input power.  High value-to-money.  Maximum safety - come with Burst Proof Guards and a 2-motion switch. Warranty: 12 Months..
RM144.00 RM159.00
Description Flexible and fatigue-free for long hour work even for overhead operation.  Great ergonomic design with multi-grip options.  Low vibration and low weight.  ..
RM179.00 RM189.00
Features:Slim & Compact – To work with more flexibility in narrow space High Performance – Upgraded 400 W motor to help job done efficiently 10mm Keyless Chuck – Conve..
Features & BenefitsExtremely with powerful motor: 320 watts. Compactness: Shortest body length for easy and continuous handling. Ergonomics: Lightweight tool with comfortable inline gri..
Features & Benefits GTA 600 Work Bench for GTS 10 J Professional..  Solid, portable, tool-free design..  Attach and detach saw in seconds..  Easy and lightweight f..
RM238.00 RM260.00
Bosch GKF 550 Palm/Trimmer Router 550W Bosch GKF 550 Palm/Trimmer Router 550W
DescriptionFast and quality trimming is in your hand! Routing quality always under control Fast trimming Operation comfort Motor power update 550 W Robust clamping of the base Slim ..
RM287.10 RM319.00
DescriptionPowerful planer with max 2.6mm cutting depth! Powerful 650W motor provide fast planning speed The new design of the Max 2.6mm cutting depth adjustment Optimized airflow for woo..
RM296.10 RM329.00
Features & BenefitsRobust and powerful 500 W motor. Extremely compact for working in tight spaces and overhead. Low weight of only 1.5 kg for fatigue-free working.  Forward/rever..
RM299.00 RM319.00
BOSCH GWS 900-100 Angle Grinder Professional 4'' 900W With Handle (06013960L0) BOSCH GWS 900-100 Angle Grinder Professional 4'' 900W With Handle (06013960L0)
Out Of Stock
FeaturesA 900W built for tough jobs!.  Superior grinding/cutting performance due to high power and torque at 900 w.  Best-in-class hand control due to palm fit grip size and ergon..
RM315.00 RM349.00
Features & BenefitsAdjustable Speed.  Superior grinding/cutting performance due to high power and torque at 900 W.  Best-in-class hand control due to palm-fit grip size and er..
RM341.10 RM379.00
FeaturesBosch 360° Gun can be angled to clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly One-handed operation provides a free hand to assist cleaning Adjustable nozzle – from a forceful jet..
RM350.10 RM389.00
FeaturesMore cleaning power Compact and stable design Fast, easy setup Ready to use straight out of the box Fast high-pressure detergent system In use storage of the gun All accesso..
RM399.00 RM459.00
FeaturesIncreased performance, Better efficiency Robust pot gear housing and clamp shell motor housing for tough jobsite conditions Powerful 750 W motor to suit versatile professional needs..
RM399.00 RM459.00
FeaturesHigh performance and resistance for rough cutting Affordable yet reliable: Bosch Quality at an affordable price, the first and best option for price-driven professionals. Ease of us..
RM404.10 RM449.00
DescriptionPowerful induction motor for various working conditions and usages Compact die-cast housing with encapsulated ball bearings to keep the motor free of dust Robust and solid base f..
RM410.00 RM764.00
Description Powerful induction motor for various working conditions and usages.  Compact die-cast housing with encapsulated ball bearings to keep the motor free of dust.  Rob..
RM425.00 RM642.00
 Features & BenefitsHighly flexible, highly economical Power and flexibility within reach for screwdriving and drilling 2-speed gearbox enables high productivity and excellent torq..
RM430.00 RM469.00
Features The lightweight and compact tool. Powerful 2000 W motor. Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust ensure a long lifetime. Revolving gear head enable..
 Features & BenefitsFor easy decorative interior fitting applications.  Maximum precision thanks to the Bosch Pendulum Precision System.  Projection of a vertical and a h..
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