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Where to buy clamps in Malaysia? Woodworking tools? F Clamp? C Clamp? or any related clamp tool?

You are at the right woodworking clamp shop to buy clamps! We are professional woodworking tools online store Malaysia where we supply various wood clamps no matter it's good clamps, simple clamps, cheap clamps, top clamps or best clamps that you are looking for, we have all the essential woodworking tools here ready for your any DIY woodworking project that need clamps to hold wood or joining the wood all together. *wink*

Below are our recommended woodworking tools including small and large plastic clamps:

Spring Wood Clamp - Best and cheap quick hand grip clamps woodworking tools set, it's strong and durable. 

Large Depth Spring Wood Clamp - Best strong and quick release ratchet woodworking hand spring clamps with long pointed arms for working in narrow spaces and large depth for reaching work piece far from the edge.

Pressure Spring Wood Clamp - Best quick and speed woodworking clamps tools with adjustable clamping pressure and special grade spring steel for increased durability.

C Clamp - Best small adjustable wood clamps (Adjustable small/mini/tiny/micro c clamps  tool made by plastic for woodworking).

F Clamp - Best small and long adjustable F style/type of clamp set. The F clamp's arm is made from cast iron and non-slip plastic handle.

Light/Heavy Duty Woodworking Clamp - Heavy dutyTrigger bar clamps with high strength, high hardness, with high clamping force.

Ratchet Wood Clamp - Fast, efficient and convenient trigger ratchet bar clamps woodworking tools.

Parallel Wood Clamp - Lightweight mini or small hand screw clamps and it's cheap jet parallel wood clamp set which contain large clamping surfaces for evenly distributed pressure.

Belt Clamp or strap clamp tool set - Best for clamping frames and unusually shaped work piece.

90 Degree Angle Clamp - Best wood corner and right angle woodworking clamp/tool.

Multifunction Wood Sawing Box - Various guiding tool for sawing the wood accurately with multiple angle.

Wide Track Wood Cutting Guide - Best guiding tool for a wood plate or bar cutting applications.

Mortise Knife - Create & mark accurate line (knifewall) to have the perfect result.

Grout Spreader - Achieve clean profiles and permanent sealing.


Let's watch a short video clip to get to know the actual products and learn how to use it easily in just a few minutes. 



Most of our wood clamps have various sizes (like small/large/long woodworking clamps), if you are looking for specific 4 inch clamp, 12 inch clamp or even 300mm clamps, we have it! Browse through our woodworking tools sales catalogue list below for more details information.


Woodworking clamps for sale? C Clamps for sale? F clamps for sale? Bar clamps for sale? 

YES! Cheap clamp price with special sales upto 20% off on-going now! Browse below and don't miss it today! 


If you ever need more information or looking different type of woodworking tools? Feel free to contact us here! Cheers

Specifications Model: 867.  Size: 3" (80MM).  Total Length (TL): 80MM.  Total Wide (TW): 50MM .  Height: 15MM.  Thickness: 12MM.  Weight: 0.021KG.  Gross Weight: 0.042KG.  Origi..
FeaturesModel: 621 Loading grout,sealant etc. Suitable for gardening & irrigation Made of PE, durable and light Dimension: Φ120X90 Weight: 0.43KG   Disclaimer ..
Specifications Model: 825.  Size: 4" (115MM).  Colour: Single.  Total Length (TL): 1115MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-50MM.  Depth: 45MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 18.6MM.  Wid..
Specifications Model: 867.  Size: 4" (100MM).  Total Length (TL): 100MM.  Total Wide (TW): 100MM .  Height: 20MM.  Thickness: 16MM.  Weight: 0.055KG.  Gross Weight: 0.11KG.  Ori..
Specifications Model: 825.  Size: 6" (150MM).  Colour: Single.  Total Length (TL): 150MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-63MM.  Depth: 60MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 23.8MM.  Widt..
Specifications Model: 824.  Size: 6".  Total Length (TL): 150MM.  Total Width (TW): 75MM.  Depth: 75MM.  Weight: 0.046KG.  Origin: Made in China.  Features Strong e..
Specifications Model: 826.  Size: 4" (110MM).  Colour: Double.  Total Length (TL): 112MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-50MM.  Depth: 47MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 20MM.  Width:..
Specifications Model: 829.  Size: 4.5" (115MM).  Total Length (TL): 115MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-30MM.  Depth: 35MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 20.5MM.  Width: 28.6MM.  ..
Specifications Model: 826.  Size: 7" (170MM).  Colour: Double.  Total Length (TL): 170MM .  Clamping Range (CR): 0-75MM .  Depth: 75MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 30MM.  Widt..
Specifications Model: 801 Colour: Red Total Length (TL): 250MM Total Width (TW): 86MM Height (H): 50MM Weight: 0.153KG Gross Weight: 0.653KG Origin: Made in China Fe..
Specifications Model: 824.  Size: 9".  Total Length (TL): 225MM.  Total Width (TW): 105MM.  Depth: 114MM.  Weight: 0.116KG.  Origin: Made in China.  Features Strong..
Specifications Model: 867.  Size: 6" (150MM).  Total Length (TL): 150MM.  Total Wide (TW): 150MM .  Height: 35MM.  Thickness: 24MM.  Weight: 0.159KG.  Gross Weight: 0.318KG.  Or..
Specifications Model: 796.  Size: 2".  Total Length (TL): 80MM.  Total Width (TW): 65MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-50MM.  Protective Pad Square: Length: 29.7MM.  Width: 23.4MM..
Specifications Model: 858.  Size: 4" (100MM).  Total Length (TL): 200MM .  Total Width (TW): 110MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-100MM.  Clamping Force: 10KG.  Depth: 40MM.  Protective..
Specifications Model: 922 Total Length: 330MM Inner Cylinder Length: 240MM Inner Cylinder Diameter: 52MM Push Rod Diameter: 7MM Weight: 0.24KG Features Low-cost skele..
Specifications Model: 829.  Size: 6.5" (165MM).  Total Length (TL): 165MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-50MM.  Depth: 60MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 20.5MM.  Width: 28.6MM.  ..
Specifications Model: 860.  Size: 50-100MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-100MM.  Depth: 50MM.  Weight: 0.23KG.  Gross Weight: 0.73KG.  Origin: Made in China.  Features A..
Specifications Model: 631 Colour: Red Box Dimensions: 120MM (L) x 80MM (W) x 25MM (H) Weight: 0.083KG Gross Weight: 0.583KG  Origin: Made in China Features Included 4..
Specifications Model: 826.  Size: 9" (200MM).  Colour: Double.  Total Length (TL): 200MM .  Clamping Capacity (CC): 0-100MM .  Depth: 97MM.  Protective Pad: Length: 30MM.  ..
Specifications Model: 860.  Size: 50-150MM.  Clamping Range (CR): 0-150MM.  Depth: 50MM.  Weight: 0.25KG.  Gross Weight: 0.75KG.  Origin: Made in China.  Features A..
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