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Rotary Hammers

Power Tools/Bosch Rotary Hammers

Description Integrated, removable dust extraction unit for clean, dust-free working.  Comfortable working even overhead due to particularly compact design.  Core cutter adapt..
RM980.00 RM1,050.00
Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 1,100 watt.  Fastest drilling progress - 30% faster than the predecessor..  High material removal rate - 50% more impact ener..
RM2,000.00 RM2,285.00
Features & Benefits Superior drilling rate in the 2 kg hammer class.  Rotation stop for chiselling.  Impact stop for drilling in wood and steel.  Easy-to-change tool holder all grommet fo..
RM649.14 RM696.00
Features & Benefits Superior drilling rate in the 2kg hammer class. Exceptionally fast, tool-free changing between SDS-plus and quick-change chuck. Rotation stop for chiselling. Ball grom..
RM853.20 RM948.00
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