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Where to Buy 3M Water Filters?

We are an authorized 3M water filter & 3M water dispenser supplier in Malaysia, full range of 3M water filtration products available for you to chose from your fingertips to solve your cooking and drinking water problem for your loved ones.

Why 3M Water Filter?

3M water filter has over 75 years of filtration experience and observes the highest standards of the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF).

3M filter is using advanced technological expertise from areas of pharmaceutical, food, and specialty chemical manufacturing to bring the best water filtration to everyone. They are leading filtration solution providers in a wide range of markets. 

3M dedicated to providing life solutions for everyday water usage. 3M is pride in delivering quality & technology advanced products to everyone by applying science to make a real impact in the lives of its users, to make it better, easier, and more complete.

 Reliable Performance

  • With its specially formulated media, 3M Water Filter Systems are capable of effective removal of Chlorine, Cysts, MTBE***, VOCs.

 Easy to Use

  • 3M Water Filter Systems provide great-tasting water in an instant.

 Saves Energy

  • With cleaner, clearer, better-tasting water, you do not need to boil water anymore.

 Trusted Quality

  • 3M Water Filter Systems** are tested and certified by NSF International*, thus ensuring that all our performance claims are validated.

 Easy to Maintain

  • With an effortless twist, filter cartridge change is easier than changing a light bulb. Filter change-out is also made easier with a monitoring device.

 Made in the USA

What we have here?

  • 3M Indoor Water Filter (Aqua Pure)
  • 3M Outdoor Water Filter
  • 3M Water Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • 3M Water Dispenser
  • 3M Counter Top Drinking Water System
  • 3M Floor Standing Water Dispenser
  • 3M Pre-Filter Advanced Strainer Water System
  • 3M POE Outdoor Whole House Water Filter

For more detailed information such as the exact dimensions, measurement, size, or any related specifications? Click the product from selections below and you will get the full details there.

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We are strict to bring the best customer service experience from pre-purchase information, the risks, advice & consultation to post-purchase after sales service to bring the best water filter solution to all our customer. 

Tips for you: If you do not know which drinking water purifier system or water filter suitable for your needs or solve your problems, feel free to contact our ATKC water filter experts to advise you on this! Of course, it's free of charge! Contact us now!

DescriptionReplacement Cartridge For SFKC01-CN1 Disclaimer All product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may be varied in term of size, type, brand, version..
Description3M™ shower filter SFKC01-CN1 can effectively reduce the residual chlorine and impurities in the water, and avoid the irritation and damage caused by the volatilized residual chlorine to..
Register Online to get an additional 6 months – your 3M water filter products at the website link below to get an additional 6 months warranty coverage. ..
RM617.50 RM650.00
Description             Features Advanced single stage filtrat..
RM567.63 RM597.50
Description 3M, a global leader in Residential water filtration with over 50 years of filtration experience, continues to provide revolutionary products in user friendly designs. Our trusted Drink..
RM675.27 RM750.30
Description             Features Advanced single stage filtration ..
RM1,090.60 RM1,148.00
3M E-WARRANTY REGISTRATION - PLEASE REMEMBER TO Register your Ewarranty Online  Features Advanced single stage filtration delivers high output.  Built-in bypass valve - No need to shu..
RM808.83 RM838.70
Description           Features Deluxe dual-stage system.  Special monitoring device shuts off water - as a reminder to change ..
RM442.26 RM491.00
Description         Features Advanced single stage filtration delivers high output.  Fully enclosed filter media - No spill, no ..
RM510.30 RM567.00
Description         Features Full flow filtration to your existing faucet.  Built-in shut off valve - No need to shut off water for ca..
RM1,026.00 RM1,064.80
Description 3M, a global leader in Residential water filtration with over 50 years of filtration experience, continues to provide revolutionary products in user friendly designs. Our trusted Drink..
RM1,994.05 RM2,099.00
What in the box. 1x 3M Indoor Water Filter AP DWS1000 with Stylish Faucet.   Description              &n..
RM1,794.55 RM1,889.00
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