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DescriptionUROFIBRE is a polyester non-woven fibre best uses for surface crack line solutions. It is ideally for repair surface crack line appearing after finishes (eg: skim-coated, painted surface). UROFIBRE use conjunctionally with URO FIBRE GLUE as a bonding media for gluing application...
DescriptionURO FIBRE GLUE is a bonding media for UROFIBRE as a gluing application on crackline repair. URO FIBRE GLUE can be use as for both internal and external crack line repair with smooth finish wall surface. More Information Disclaimer All product images shown a..
DescriptionUROPRIME is formulated as a polymer based primer best uses for surface preparation. Also, with high penetration ability, UROPRIME effectively serve as a solution for water leaking issues aries from concrete shrinkage crack. AdvantagesFor Surface PreparationEffe..
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