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DescriptionMr Ganick Aphid Buster spray is a non-toxic organic pesticide specially formulated to kill aphids effectively Main IngredientNatural Faboideae Plant Alkaloid&n..
This filter Cartridge is for model 3M Home POE 3WH-STD-S01H Whole House Water Filter Filtration SystemDetail of 3M Home POE 3WH-STD-S01H Whole House Water Filter Filtration System 3M Whol..
3M WF CTG FM Cartridge for Under Sink Drinking Water System FM1500-BReduction ClaimsAsbestos, Chlorine Taste & Odor, Lead, Parasitic Protozoan Cyst, Particulate, Turbidity Tested & ce..
3M Whole House Filtration System Sump Style : - Less sediment in pipes and appliances - Helps protect dishwasher, clothes washer, water heater and shower - System easily upgrade to higher performa..
RM227.00 RM239.00
Product details of 3M Water Filter | 3M Under Sink Drinking Water System FM1500-B with Faucet The 3M™ Under Sink Drinking Water System, FM1500-B helps reduce asbestos, lead, cysts, chlorine tas..
RM1,362.68 RM1,434.40
Bunnings The Organic Garden Co #0333262 100 x 100 x 30cm Monument Square Raised Garden Bed Bunnings The Organic Garden Co #0333262 100 x 100 x 30cm Monument Square Raised Garden Bed
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Description No tools, no screws required SNAPTiTE assembly system 5-minute assembly Rolled safety edges The Organic Garden Co 100S compliments any garden. With 100..
DescriptionMaximized flower bloom Fortified with natural minerals Main ingredientsSesame meal, feather meal, fishbone meal, palm bunch ash, fully-fermented compost, organic rock..
Description Size (L x W x H): 56M x 42CM x 13CM Save Space Save Soil Easy to clean Reusable & durable  Weight: 0.618kg Disclaimer All product images shown are for illustrat..
FeaturesMaintain "rigidity" Keep the plant body healthy & beautiful  Promote branching Prevent rot  Main ingredientsRhizophora wood extract, seaweed extract, amino acid, nat..
DescriptionNano-sized fertilizer for fruiting & flowering, safe for fish Ready to use. Shake well and spray directly on plants Promote bloom development and increase plant yields. Produce..
Description With over 75 years of experience in filtration technology, 3M Purification Inc. is the trusted expert in many different industries and markets. Our filtration technology has been proven i..
DescriptionOrganic fungicide for disease prevention and plant recovery. Main IngredientCosmetic grade plant-based pyroligneous acid General Usage InstructionShake well b..
DescriptionOrganic insecticide that washes off pests waxy protective layer, covering them and causing death due to suffocation. Main IngredientCosmetic grade mineral oil & plant-based ..
Specifications Low-cost advantage Excellent year-round availability No species variations Very low moisture content Biodegradable and environmentally friendly No health hazards No t..
Description Adjustable spray nozzle to enable easy and accurate spraying.Pumping by hand to build the pressure.Ergonomic handle with a trigger lock.Ideal for spraying water, fertilizers, herbicid..
Specification  Capacity: 1L. Lightweight. One hand pressure sprayer with an adjustable nozzle. DisclaimerAll product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual pr..
DescriptionAll-natural cocopeat enhanced with cricket frass to ensure quality and healthy plant medium.Excellent for germination Improves soil aeration Retains moisture in the soil Pr..
DescriptionAll-natural cricket frass is sourced from reared crickets. No chemicals or additives are added to our products in the entire process of manufacturing the product. High in Chitin ..
General Usage Instruction Crops Type Application Rate  Application Frequency  Fruit trees  2-4kg each tree Pre-harvest & Post-..
DescriptionRechargeable battery Comes with battery charger and adaptor With on and off switch at the side, can adjust the flow With battery meter to ease charge reading Comes with a dif..
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