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Construction Saw & Wood Working

Power Tools/Stanley Construction Saw & Wood Working

Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL311
Features & Benefits36 Teeth Carbide Blade For Fast Smooth Cutting Beveling Shoe For Angled Cuts Cutting Depth Adjusted Up To 62mm At 90 Degree SpecificationsModel: STEL311 Power: 1510W No Load Speed: 5,500 rpm Max. Blade Diameter: 185 mm Max. Cutting Dept..
Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL345
Features & BenefitsProvides multiple speed settings for optimal cutting results At 0º, 15º , 30º and 45º Makes bevel changes fast and easy Makes blade replacements fast and easy Provides greater visibility on the cutting surface    ..
Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL365
Features & BenefitsEasy Twist Tool-free Blade Change Tooled shoe adjustment  Variable Speed Trigger Specifications Model: STEL365 Power: 900 W Strokes/Min: 0 - 3200 spm Strokes Length: 148 mm Weight: 3.2 kg   ..
Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL630
Features & Benefits750W Powerful Motor Substantial Depth Of Cut Without Compromising The Finish 12mm Rabbeting Depth With O.2mm Accuracy SpecificationsModel: STEL630 Power: 750 W No Load Speed: 16,500 rpm Planing Width: 82 mm Planing depth: 1.6 mm ..
Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL701
Features & BenefitsHigh Torque 2100W Motor Provides High Performance And Long Durability 0-65-425 - Parallel 3mm X 100mm, 3.5mm X 75mm. Flared 8mm X 150mm, 5.5mm X 100mm. Pozi PZ0 X 75mm, PZ1 X 100mm, PZ2 X 125mm, Colour coded ends make it easy to identify the correct screwdriver for ea..
Brand: Stanley Model: STL-STEL721
Features & Benefits80 Carbide Teeth Saw Blades For Fast Cutting In Wood And Fine Finishing 9 Pre-Index Miter Stops For Quick & Accurate Cuts Auto retracting blade guard for maximum safety and comfort SpecificationsModel: STEL721 Power: 1500W No Load Speed..
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