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Welcome to Tasek Corporation Berhad


Tasek Corporation Berhad currently manufactures and sells two types of cement under its crocodile brand, "Cap Buaya". The two types of cement are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) sold in bulk and bagged form and Masonry Cement (MC) sold in bagged form.



Tasek Corporation Berhad was incorporated in 1962 as Tasek Cement Limited and commenced cement production in 1964. The annual rated production capacity then was 250,000 metric tonnes at its present plant in Tasek Industrial Estate, Ipoh, in Perak, West Malaysia.

Since then, Tasek has embarked on a series of multi-million ringgit expansions in tandem with the country's development, culminating in the latest rehabilitation and expansion program, bringing our current annual clinker rated production capacity to 2.3million metric tonnes per year. In a span of 40 years, we have increased our rated production capacity by almost ten-fold.



Tasek Cement will achieve an acceptable margin per tonne in the industry through cost competitiveness, optimizing the utilization of the company's resources and enhancing a safe, challenging and rewarding work enviroment for all employees.

Tasek Cement will systematically incorporate the latest technology, and be innovative, in order to improve capacity, quality, and be recognized as enviromentally friendly.

Tasek Cement will constantly fine tune its processes in order to achieve internal and external customer satisfication.



Tasek Cement will be a leading manufacturer in the cement industry, operating harmony with the enviroment  and exceeding customer expectation.

What is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)? Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is one of several types of cement being manufactured throughout the world. OPC is the general purpose cement used in con..
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