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ATKC Vertical Round Bottom with Stand

Welcome to our ATKC Stainless Steel Water Tank!

Our ATKC® stainless steel water tanks are manufactured & warranted by Honesteel Sdn Bhd.

Our ATKC® stainless steel water tanks are produced in accordance with the standard, specification & quality control similar to King Kong stainless steel water tanks.

All claims within the warranty period, services, inspections or repairs will be duly carried out and undertaken by Honesteel Sdn Bhd.

All our ATKC® stainless steel water tank is Guaranteed 10 YEARS WARRANTY*, SPAN Approved, IKRAM Certified and SIRIM Certified!

king kong stainless steel water tank is SPAN Approved, IKRAM Certified and SIRIM Certified!

Why choose our brand?

Purchasing our brand ATKC® stainless steel water tanks, you enjoy the more free gift from us. 

We have SALES up to FREE SHIPPINGToday! Feel free to browse our ATKC water storage tank catalog with special price/harga below. 

We are strict to bring the best customer service experience from pre-purchase information, the risks, advice & consultation to post-purchase after-sales service to bring the best water tank solution to all our customer. 

Tips for you: If you do not know which size/type suitable for your needs or solve your problems, feel free to contact our ATKC water tank experts to advise you on this! Of course free of charge lah! Contact us now!

Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 1950LTR/430GAL.  Dimension: 1100mm DIA x 2630mm (H), 44" DIA x 104" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Disc..
RM1,755.00 RM2,700.00
Description Warranty: 10 YEARS.  Stainless Steel 304 (SS304).  Wall Thickness (T): 1.0MM.  Capacity: 8000LTR/1750GAL.  Dimension (LxWxH): 4.0m (L) x 2.0m (W) x ..
RM17,550.00 RM19,500.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Material: SUS304.  Capacity: 250LTR/55GAL.  Dimension: 750mm DIA x 1460mm (H), 30" DIA x 57" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm,..
RM552.50 RM850.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 1600LTR/360GAL.  Dimension:1280mm DIA x 2140mm (H), 51" DIA x 84" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Discha..
RM1,560.00 RM2,400.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 1250LTR/275GAL.  Dimension:1100mm DIA x 2120mm (H), 44" DIA x 83" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Discha..
RM1,267.50 RM1,950.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 850LTR/185GAL.  Dimension: 900mm DIA x 2070mm (H), 36" DIA x 81" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Dischar..
RM994.50 RM1,530.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 5000LTR/1100GAL.  Dimension: 1470mm DIA x 3920mm (H), 58" DIA x 154" (H).  Outlet size: 40mm, 1 1/2".  ..
RM4,875.00 RM7,500.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 3000LTR/670GAL.  Dimension: 1230mm DIA x 3310mm (H), 49" DIA x 130" (H).  Outlet size: 40mm, 1 1/2".  ..
RM2,847.00 RM4,380.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 2000LTR/450GAL.  Dimension: 1020mm DIA x 3260mm (H), 41" DIA x 128" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Disc..
RM1,917.50 RM2,950.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 1500LTR/330GAL.  Dimension: 1020mm DIA x 2680mm (H), 41" DIA x 105" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Disc..
RM1,462.50 RM2,250.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 20000LTR/4500GAL. ✅ Dimension: 2290mm DIA x 5750mm (H), 91" DIA x 226" (H). ✅ Outlet size: 50..
RM21,840.00 RM33,600.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 15000LTR/3300GAL. ✅ Dimension: 2290mm DIA x 4660mm (H), 91" DIA x 183" (H). ✅ Outlet siz..
RM16,380.00 RM25,200.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 10000LTR/2200GAL. ✅ Dimension: 2290mm DIA x 3400mm (H), 91" DIA x 134" (H). ✅ Outlet siz..
RM10,920.00 RM16,800.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 8000LTR/1750GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1990mm DIA x 3460mm (H), 79" DIA x 136" (H). ✅ Outlet size..
RM8,190.00 RM12,600.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 6000LTR/1350GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1780mm DIA x 3310mm (H), 71" DIA x 130" (H). ✅ Outlet size..
RM6,142.50 RM9,450.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 5000LTR/1100GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1780mm DIA x 3020mm (H), 71" DIA x 119" (H). ✅ Outlet size..
RM5,135.00 RM7,900.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 4000LTR/900GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1470mm DIA x 3310mm (H), 58" DIA x 130" (H). ✅ Outlet size:..
RM3,510.00 RM5,400.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 3000LTR/670GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1470mm DIA x 2700mm (H), 58" DIA x 106" (H). ✅ Outlet size:..
RM2,847.00 RM4,380.00
Description ✅ 10 YEARS Warranty*. ✅ Capacity: 2300LTR/500GAL. ✅ Dimension: 1230mm DIA x 2730mm (H), 49" DIA x 107" (H). ✅ Outlet size:..
RM1,950.00 RM3,000.00
Description 10 YEARS Warranty*.  Capacity: 2000LTR/450GAL.  Dimension: 1470mm DIA x 2140mm (H), 58" DIA x 84" (H).  Outlet size: 25mm, 1".  Disch..
RM1,917.50 RM2,950.00
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