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Description Castle is a mainstay of our ECOCem product line. Made with 30% to 40% lower CO₂ emissions¹, it is a certified Singapore Green Label cement. Its excellent versatility makes it..
Description Knight Brand is white portland cement characterized by its high whiteness of exceeding 90 based o Hunter L scale and possesses high standard (28 days) strength. Product Data Sheet (PDS..
Description TPS - XTRA Yellow (Minyak) is a highly concentrated water based cellulose polymer plasticiser. It is an ultimate additive that replaces the use of lime in conventional plastering...
RM2.80 RM3.00
Description TPS - XTRA Green is a highly concentrated water based cellulose polymer plasticiser. It is an ultimate additive that can disperse cement particles of cement mortar and optimise th..
RM2.80 RM3.00
Description Walplast is an effective and economical additive for mortar. When added to ordinary Portland cement plastering mortar, it will greatly improve workability while reducing shrinkage..
RM1.20 RM1.50
Description W&H Tile Glue is user friendly glue that provides a better bond between ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone with common building substrates such as ..
Description W&H A-Plas is a powder additive for better dispersing of Portland cement into plastering & bricklaying cement mortar. W&H A-Plas is made of high polymer polymerization..
Description Ciment Fondu is used in a wide range of applications: as a reagent in formulated products.  as a hydraulic binder base for refactory and specialty concrete.&nbs..
What is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)? Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is one of several types of cement being manufactured throughout the world. OPC is the general purpose cement used in con..
DescriptionWalcrete is a specially designed plastering cement in our ECOCem product range. It is made with 40% to 50% lower CO₂. It contains an air entrainment agent to give better performance in ..
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