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Johnson Suisse Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of ROCA Group - the world leader in the bathroom business, operating in over 135 markets. Best known for our skilled expertise and strong history, JohnsonSuisse has secured a position firmly in the sanitary ware market and become a well-known industry name. Staying true to our core roots of the brand, a high standard of quality in materials as well as design elements are maintained throughout the impressive variety of products available. Keeping up to date with trends and consumer needs, JohnsonSuisse offers ranges that will suit an array of consumers, from the classic and conventional to the more modern and contemporary. Achieving a successful balance between functionality and visual excellence, JohnsonSuisse aims to elevate the bathroom area into a space that is sophisticated and modern with notable features that offer convenience and comfort of the highest quality.


Faucet Warranty

Johnson Suisse faucets are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for 2 years of date of purchase subject to warranty conditions.



WELS is a water efficiency labelling scheme that registers and certifies products in accordance with the requirements, guidelines, terms and conditions set and issued by PUB, Singapore’s nationalwater agency. JohnsonSuisse strive s to comply with the WELS scheme.

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