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Econax Sdn Bhd, is a subsidiary of the world’s largest sanitary ware manufacturer from Spain under the ROCA Group. Econax is a representation of the Group’s efforts in providing affordable sanitary ware products to a broad section of society with a view to improving the environment with better sanitation.


All products in econax’s range of bathroom solutions, feature innovative designs and comfort without compromising on water conservation. The range will cater for the discerning customer who is price sensitive but expects innovation in the products.


This commitment is demonstrated not just in its products, but also in identifying suppliers who support a ‘better environment’ concept, thereby helping to initiate environmental consciousness within the Industry. Affordability and reliability are the other two important aspects of econax products.


Customer support for the company’s ecological inspiration has seen ECONAX become a widely accepted brand. ECONAX offers a range of innovative designs for hospitals, schools and institutions with special products for children and the physically challenged

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