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Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-ME1208
DescriptionMr McKenic® – 9-in-1 Technology Oil is a multi-functional product with a wide variety of applications with its lubricating, corrosion-inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning properties. An effective solution in many situations from lubricating moving parts to maintenance of equ..
RM9.41 RM9.90
Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-EE1325
DescriptionMr Mckenic® – Contact Cleaner & Lubricant is a cleaning solvent for removing dust, dirt deposits; etc… from contact points yet lubricates the mechanism. It helps to prevent short-circuit by displacing moisture. At the same time, it leaves a film of protection that..
RM25.65 RM27.00
Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-EE1331
DescriptionMr McKenic® – Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) is a cleaning solvent for removing dust, dirt deposits, etc from contact points, sensitive surfaces containing circuitry or PCB boards. Product FeaturesCleans Precision Electronic Parts Degreases Removes Dirt &..
RM28.50 RM30.00
Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-BC8618-500
DescriptionMr McKenic® – Cream Polisher is a uniquely formulated product which effectively cleans and polishes different surface types such as stainless steel, metal, aluminum, and tiles. Cream Polisher is non-fuming and non-corrosive, hence it is safe to use on most sensitive surfaces..
RM35.00 RM38.00
Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-DR8209-5
DescriptionMr McKenic® offers a comprehensive range of biodegradable aqueous degreasers tailored for a variety of applications – from heavy duty to light duty use.  Each of the degreasers is specially formulated to effectively lift and remove oil, grease, grime, dirt and other stu..
RM70.00 RM80.00
Brand: Mr McKenic Model: MKN-LU1811
DescriptionMr McKenic® – Lithium Grease is technically formulated as a multi-purpose lithium grease spray that effectively provides lubrication and helps to reduce friction between contacted surfaces. It is able to transform to tough resistant grease within minutes. Produc..
RM40.85 RM43.00
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