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Angle Grinder & Metal Working

Power Tools/Bosch Angle Grinder & Metal Working

Features & BenefitsAdjustable Speed.  Superior grinding/cutting performance due to high power and torque at 900 W.  Best-in-class hand control due to palm-fit grip size and ergonomi..
RM345.84 RM524.00
FeaturesA 900W built for tough jobs!.  Superior grinding/cutting performance due to high power and torque at 900 w.  Best-in-class hand control due to palm fit grip size and ergonomic d..
RM305.00 RM462.00
Features The lightweight and compact tool. Powerful 2000 W motor. Armoured coils that protect the motor against sharp grinding dust ensure a long lifetime. Revolving gear head enable..
 Features & Benefits Powerful 600 W motor with soft start for fast work progress.  Compact, ergonomic shape for versatile grinding work. KickBack Stop: detects when the tool is..
RM516.65 RM599.00
Features & Benefits The new definition of power and handiness.  High removal rate.  Great controlling and easy handling.  Improved motor cooling to handle long time work.&..
RM211.10 RM234.90
Features & Benefits Robust 500W motor for powerful grinding application..  Handy grip design for comfortable handling and superior control..  Optimized air vents for effective ..
RM570.00 RM594.00
Features & BenefitsPowerful 670w input power.  High value-to-money.  Maximum safety - come with Burst Proof Guards and 2-motion switch.Warranty: 6 Months  ..
RM114.45 RM131.13
Features & Benefits Powerful motor with a 1250 W..  Electronic variable speed control for optimum adaptation to all applications..  Ergonomic main handle with soft grip for bet..
RM570.00 RM588.00
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