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DescriptionIdeal for a variety of welding jobs.  Handy flip front makes it easy to remove.  Conveniently adjustable fit.  View area: 4" (W) x 2" (H). &nb..
Description Lightweight visor with padded headband and single point ratchet for maximum safety and comfort..  Protective, impact and sratch-resistant lens..  Convenient flip-..
Description Prima  Flowmeter Model 108CR is a compact flowmeter regulator with the following features: Drop forged brass body.  Piston-Loaded design for precision flow..
Description Prima Single Stage 2 gauges regulators are designed and manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 Standard. These regulators have been developed with the following features...
Description UNI-LIGHT Cutting Torch Model 188 is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 Standard. This torch is designed and developed with the following features: Rugged..
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