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Description Selleys Liquid Nails is a high strength multipurpose construction adhesive that forms a strong and lasting bond on most building substrates.  Features ..
DescriptionSelleys Awning & Roofing Sealant is a one of a kind sealant formulated for application on roofing under Asian tropical climates. The sealant always remains flexible to cope temperat..
DescriptionSelleys Silicone Sealant acetic cure Silicone sealant formulated for general purpose sealing applications. It has excellent adhesion on glass surfaces. FeaturesExcel..
DescriptionSelleys Liquid Nails Mirror Aluminium is a premium grade, high strength construction adhesive that delivers strong bonds on mirrors, metal and glass. FeaturesSuperio..
DescriptionSelleys Wallpaper Adhesive is a ready-mixed wallpaper adhesive. FeaturesNo dilution needed Suitable for most wallpapers Easy to spread and strong adhesion&..
DescriptionSelleys Blockade is a premium grade sealant ideal for roofing & gutter applications. It is also suitable for other general purpose sealing applications. Features..
DescriptionSelleys No More Big Gaps is an expanding foam, which cures into a semi rigid closed cell foam, making it ideal for filling large and irregular holes or cavities such as around pipes. ..
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