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Features Ready mixed wallpaper and lining paper adhesive that's quick and convenient to use..  Professional quality aghesive formulated to provide strong grab yet easy slide for..
Description A one-part sealant that offers excellent adhesion for interior and exterior general sealing applications. It is a specially formulated sealant that forms a surface skin while the body ..
Description Selleys Wet Area Speed Seal Silicon-An advanced high-grade neutral cure silicone (non-corrosive) formulated for fast cure, so you can even shower in just 2 HOURS after application. It ..
Description Silicone Sealant is a high performance 100% acetoxy silicone sealant which adheres to most metals, glass, masonry, most wood, rubber and other household materials, forming a permanentl..
Description Selleys Wood Putty is a ready mixed hole, crack, dent, chip, grain and edge interior timber filler. It can be painted, stained or varnished.   Ideal For&nbs..
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