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Drain Covers

Hardware/Drain Covers

DescriptionThickness (T): 30MM. Width (W): 6inch. Length (L): 15inch. Colour: Brown. Country of Origin: Malaysia. Weight: 0.35KG.  Disclaimer All product images sho..
Features Model: FF/MG25-38. Mesh Size: 38MM x 38MM. FRP Frame: 45MM x 32MM x 3MM (T).  Hinges: Aluminium.  Surface: Gritted. Fish Tail: 4 Nos.  Colour: Grey.&nb..
RM188.00 RM200.00
Description Thickness (T): 32MM. Width (W): 12inch. Length (L): 12inch.  Colour: Brown.  Country of Origin: Malaysia. Net Weight: 0.93KG.Gross Weight: 0.98KG ..
Description Thickness (T): 30MM. Width (W): 6inch. Length (L): 12inch.  Colour: Brown.  Country of Origin: Malaysia. Weight: 0.28KG. Gross Weight: 0.33KG ..
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