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Demolition Hammers

Power Tools/Bosch Demolition Hammers

Features & Benefits" Fast & Reliable" - The NEW Chipping Specialist! Greater efficiency: High impact energy coupled with higher impact rate resulting in 10% higher chipping output Extended ..
RM577.00 RM699.00
Features & Benefits The fastest multi-hammer in the 4kg class. A wide range of applications in chiselling and drilling work and when working with a core cutter. Drills up to 30% faster (..
Features & Benefits Reduced contact pressure & long hammer tube for good and balanced performance.  15% higher impact force ensures a high material removal rate.  Str..
RM1,099.00 RM1,150.00
 Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 1,750 watts. Motor power: 13 tons of material removal per day. Extremely long lifetime due to robust design and use of h..
RM3,840.00 RM3,890.00
Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 1,500 watts. Perfect power-to-weight ratio: High impact energy even for toughest materials at a bearable weight. Low vibrations d..
RM2,340.00 RM2,999.00
Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 1,150 watts..  Impact force of 13 J for the highest material removal rate in its class..  Vibration Control of 8 m/s² e..
Features & Benefits Extremely with powerful motor: 650 watts..  High material removal rate thanks to powerful 650 W motor and special tile chisel..  Long lifetime thanks ..
RM1,060.00 RM1,199.00
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