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DescriptionComprehensive drill bit and screwdriver set for drilling and fixing in wood, masonry and metal. Also included: LED pocket lamp that shines light into dark areas, as well as an adjustable spanner. Set Content1 LED torch, 1 adjustable spanner 8 HSS-TiN metal drill..
RM128.00 RM155.66
DescriptionIdeally equipped to handle virtually any task: Versatile DIY enthusiast set for drilling in wood, masonry and metal, comes with 13 screwdriver bits, 3 nutsetters and 1 universal magnetic holder. Set Content7 HSS-R metal drill bits, diameter 2-5 mm 5 TC masonry drill bits..
RM35.00 RM59.00
DescriptionIdeally equipped to handle virtually any task: High-performance DIY enthusiast set for precise, clean drilling in metal, masonry and wood, as well as high-grade screwdriver bits and nutsetters for the most commonly used screw head types. Comes with universal carpet knife.  ..
RM144.34 RM160.38
DescriptionIdeally equipped to handle virtually any task: Comprehensive, affordable set with 15 drill bits, 13 screwdriver bits, universal holder, nutsetters and nutsetter adapter. Features & Benefits5 high-grade, durable drill bits with versatile application options in w..
RM50.94 RM56.60
DescriptionCombination set comprising of robust, durable universal drill bits for precise drilling in tiles, wood, masonry, concrete and metal, and standard screwdriver bits with magnetic universal holder. Supplied in a practical, handy sorting box. Equipments5 universal dril..
RM59.35 RM65.94
DescriptionPerfectly equipped for practically any task: Comprehensive DIY set in a handy case for all work in wood, stone and metal. Including depth stop, screwdriver bits, nutsetters and holesaws as well as useful hand tools such as hand screwdriver, diameter gauge, torch, countersink, spirit l..
RM152.63 RM199.00
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