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Description Premium gold synthetic polymer wax with nano technology. For 1 to 3 years car. Metallic or non-metallic. Deep Penetration brings out full rich and sharp reflection shine like showroom..
Description Special formulated "H2O Silicone Based" to deliver excellent performance and deep penetration to tyre, bumper and trim. It protects and restores lasting sheen for all rubber, vinyl an..
Description Otter Disinfectant & Deodorizer treatment will effectively neutralize unpleasant odors in the environment. It's an easy & convenient way to remove odors & bacteria in minu..
Description A two-pack glassfibre compound free of asbestos.  Due to the content of glassfibre splinters Dolphine P99 is specially suitable for bridging cracks, small holes and rust..
Description Exclusive wax for metallic, pearl and mica finished paint.  Easily removes oxidation, dirt, stains and light haze.  Give glossy and durable shield and protects paint surface fro..
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