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DescriptionAlso known as one step cleaner wax A liquid creamy wax for metallic, pearl, and mica finished paint One-step application to cleans and protects This wax easily and strongly removes water spots, stains, dirt, oxidation, fine scratches, and swirl marks Safe for clear coat of ..
DescriptionA cleaner & wax which produces great results on deteriorated paint surface Super cleaning liquid type wax removes dirt and dust powerfully and restores original shiny colors on the car body Applicable onto various metal products surfaces for cleaning and beautiful finish ..
DescriptionExclusive wax for metallic, pearl and mica finished paint Easily removes oxidation, dirt, stains and light haze Give glossy and durable shield and protects paint surface from harmful subtances Safe for clear coat of paints without giving any harmful effect Made in Japan..
DescriptionFormulated in soft paste wax, recommended for white or light coloured bodies Offers easy and speedy works with excellent removal of dirt Assures durable protection, glossy finish of repelling water and grimes Made in Japan DirectionApply wax to sponge an..
DescriptionA two-pack glassfibre compound free of asbestos Due to the content of glassfibre splinters Dolphine P99 is specially suitable for bridging cracks, small holes and rusted-through area on iron, steel and glass fibre As the product contains no soluble compounds and does not wash o..
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