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Model: SUNSO-SRD120
DescriptionType: Hand Shower with Flexible Hose and Holder Head Shower Diameter (D): 120MM Flexible Hose Length: 1.5M Finishing: Chromed Functions: Saturating, saturating + aeration, aeration Colour: Silver Disclaimer All product images shown are for illustration pur..
Brand: Torayvino Model: TRYVN-RS52
DescriptionDechlorinates water to make it gentler on hair and skin. Switch easily between filtered or unfiltered water. Showering in filtered, dechlorinated water is gentler on sensitive skin even for a delicate baby skin. Weight: 0.4kg FeaturesFilter Media: Fiber ..
RM250.20 RM278.00
Brand: Torayvino Model: TRYVN-RSC51
DescriptionPart number: RSC 51 12,000 L = 5 months (when using 10 minutes a day) Type of filter material: activated carbon Weight: 0.3kg As the left picture shows, there are products with different appearance (nonwoven fabric part), but the specifications other than tha..
RM109.80 RM122.00
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