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With more than 70 years of experience in adhesive and solution technology, Selleys provides innovative solutions to problems in caring for your home across building, protection, maintenance, repair and decoration. Selleys has had a presence in the Asia Region for over 20 years. Currently Selleys has an established trading presence with direct sales teams based in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Representative office in Indonesia and supporting agency agreements in most SEA Countries.

In Malaysia, Selleys was incorporated in 1999 and started direct sales operations in 2000 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Selleys has market leadership in Malaysia and Singapore for Supa Glue. Selleys RP7 is the market leading lubricant in Vietnam.


To be a truly world-class company, Selleys has adopted ‘customer satisfaction’ as a key philosophy with ongoing commitment to measure product performance against international benchmarks. This ensures that every day, in everything it does, Selleys strives to prove its slogan true, “If It’s Selleys, It works.

Description Selleys Supa Glue is a fast setting all rounder adhesive, sets as fast as 10 seconds. FeaturesBonds to a variety of surfaces Quick setting Dries clear – no m..
DescriptionFast setting cyanoacrylic acid ester based adhesive. Supa Glue Single Shot dries colourless. FeaturesBonds to a variety of surfaces Quick setting Dries clear &nd..
DescriptionSelleys Shoe Glue is a strong, flexible, weather and impact-resistant adhesive that is ideal for most shoe repairs. FeaturesLong lasting Easy to use Strong bond ..
DescriptionSelleys Supa Glue Shock proof is a gel based fast curing adhesive that is suitable for for quick repairs on areas needing that added flexibility and shock resistance. Featu..
DescriptionSelleys Strong & Adjustable Supa Glue Gel is great for all types of household repairs. The thick gel consistency means repairs with no mess. It allows extra time (20-60 secs) to ali..
DescriptionKwik Grip is a solvent-based polychloroprene contact adhesive. It is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces. FeaturesInstant bond Heat resistant Flexible ..
Description Selleys No More Gaps is a special formulation that results in a smooth finish and because of its superior flexibility, those unsightly gaps and cracks won't appear. ..
Description All Fix is the convenient all-rounder, ideal for medium to the large household repair job. It uses advanced adhesive technology with an instant grab on porous surfaces. It can be ..
DescriptionSelleys Glass Cleaner contains effective cleaning agents that thoroughly cleans glass, mirrors and aluminium surfaces. It leaves long lasting shine to surfaces.Anti mist & an..
DescriptionSelleys Multipurpose Cleaner is an all-rounder surface cleaner that cuts through dirt, grime leaving hygienically clean surfaces around home.Suitable for daily use No rinsing r..
DescriptionSelleys Awning & Roofing Sealant is a one of a kind sealant formulated for application on roofing under Asian tropical climates. The sealant always remains flexible to cope temperat..
DescriptionSelleys Knead It Multipurpose is a versatile, hand kneadable fast setting epoxy putty that is ideal for repairing, rebuilding, reshaping or restoring almost anything. It can be drilled,..
DescriptionSelleys Epoxy Fix Super Fast is a fast setting 2 part epoxy adhesive that sets in 5 minutes. FeaturesIdeal for quick repairs, where fast adhesion is required, strong..
DescriptionSelleys Epoxy Fix Super Steel is a 2 part epoxy adhesive which provides a superior bond strength on metallic surfaces. FeaturesIdeal for bonding metallic surfaces ..
DescriptionSelleys Epoxy fix Super Strong is a 2 part epoxy adhesive which provides superior strength for areas needing that extra bond strength. FeaturesIdeal for areas needin..
DescriptionSelleys Silicone Sealant acetic cure Silicone sealant formulated for general purpose sealing applications. It has excellent adhesion on glass surfaces. FeaturesExcel..
DescriptionSelleys Liquid Nails Mirror Aluminium is a premium grade, high strength construction adhesive that delivers strong bonds on mirrors, metal and glass. FeaturesSuperio..
Description Selleys All Clear is a multipurpose crystal clear sealant that is suitable for use on most general sealing applications. It’s crystal clear appearance leaves a seamless finish.&..
Description Selleys Wet Area Speed Seal is an advanced silicone sealant technology that delivers a super fast cure and stiff consistency producing a waterproof / shower ready seal in 1-2 hours*.&..
Description Makes gaskets that resist high temperatures and most fluids. Forms gaskets instantly from the tube – any size, any shape and cures to a tough Silicone. Rubber which outperforms and ..
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