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With more than 70 years of experience in adhesive and solution technology, Selleys provides innovative solutions to problems in caring for your home across building, protection, maintenance, repair and decoration. Selleys has had a presence in the Asia Region for over 20 years. Currently Selleys has an established trading presence with direct sales teams based in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Representative office in Indonesia and supporting agency agreements in most SEA Countries.

In Malaysia, Selleys was incorporated in 1999 and started direct sales operations in 2000 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Selleys has market leadership in Malaysia and Singapore for Supa Glue. Selleys RP7 is the market leading lubricant in Vietnam.


To be a truly world-class company, Selleys has adopted ‘customer satisfaction’ as a key philosophy with ongoing commitment to measure product performance against international benchmarks. This ensures that every day, in everything it does, Selleys strives to prove its slogan true, “If It’s Selleys, It works.

DescriptionAll Fix is the convenient all-rounder, ideal for medium to large household repair job. It uses advanced adhesive technology with instant grab on porous surfaces. It can be repositioned within 5 to 10 minutes. It doesn't stick on the fingers and easy clean-up with water. I..
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