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Selleys Home Cleaning

Hardware/Selleys Home Cleaning

DescriptionA pH7 balanced cleaner designed to safely clean and sanitise stone surfaces. Its non-sticky formulation with liquid wax polymer able to treat fine hairline scratches thus provide an extra shine finish and helps protect from further dirt penetration. FeaturesElimina..
DescriptionA general multipurpose cleaner specially formulated to cut through dirt, grease and grime. Anti-bacterial formula leaves surfaces hygienically clean. FeaturesStrong Cleaning Agent Powerful Outstanding all rounder cleaner No rinsing required Suitable for dai..
DescriptionA special anti-dust, anti-mist and anti-static formula, ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors and aluminum frames. It is non-streaking and provides a longer lasting shine. FeaturesStrong Cleaning Agent Anti-dust, anti-mist & anti-static formula Sparkling, strea..
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