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Selleys Home Cleaning

Hardware/Selleys Home Cleaning

Brand: Selleys Model: SLY-CFC-1L
DescriptionA pH7 balanced cleaner designed to safely clean and sanitise stone surfaces. Its non-sticky formulation with liquid wax polymer able to treat fine hairline scratches thus provide an extra shine finish and helps protect from further dirt penetration. FeaturesElimina..
Brand: Selleys Model: SLY-MC-500ML
DescriptionA general multipurpose cleaner specially formulated to cut through dirt, grease and grime. Anti-bacterial formula leaves surfaces hygienically clean. FeaturesStrong Cleaning Agent Powerful Outstanding all rounder cleaner No rinsing required Suitable for dai..
Brand: Selleys Model: SLY-GC500
DescriptionA special anti-dust, anti-mist and anti-static formula, ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors and aluminum frames. It is non-streaking and provides a longer lasting shine. FeaturesStrong Cleaning Agent Anti-dust, anti-mist & anti-static formula Sparkling, strea..
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