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Impact Drills, Drills, Screwdrivers

Power Tools/Bosch Impact Drills, Drills, Screwdrivers

Description Powerful 550 watt motor.  13 mm keyed chuck, auxiliary handle and depth stop.  Fully ball-bearing-mounted construction for a long lifetime.   Features & Benefits ..
RM305.00 RM342.00
 Features & BenefitsHighly flexible, highly economical Power and flexibility within reach for screwdriving and drilling 2-speed gearbox enables high productivity and excellent torq..
RM430.00 RM469.00
Features & BenefitsExtremely with powerful motor: 320 watts. Compactness: Shortest body length for easy and continuous handling. Ergonomics: Lightweight tool with comfortable inline gri..
Features:Slim & Compact – To work with more flexibility in narrow space High Performance – Upgraded 400 W motor to help job done efficiently 10mm Keyless Chuck – Conve..
FeaturesIncreased performance, Better efficiency Robust pot gear housing and clamp shell motor housing for tough jobsite conditions Powerful 750 W motor to suit versatile professional needs..
RM399.00 RM459.00
Features & BenefitsRobust and powerful 500 W motor. Extremely compact for working in tight spaces and overhead. Low weight of only 1.5 kg for fatigue-free working.  Forward/rever..
RM299.00 RM319.00
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