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Saint-Gobin Prima Plank Klassik 9.0MM (T) x 230MM (W) x 3660MM (L) - Smooth

Saint-Gobin Prima Plank Klassik 9.0MM (T) x 230MM (W) x 3660MM (L) - Smooth

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  • Brand Prima
  • Model: PRIMA-P9S
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Highly durable fibre cement planks are specifically formulated to produce the “Natural Timber Look” for a myriad of designs in residential and commercial buildings. Available in “Smooth” and “Woodgrain” surface textures. PRIMA Plank Klassik with square edge performs better in applications where timber products are normally specified.


Product Benefits 

  • Strong & durable. 
  • Highly resistant to decay, termite attack, and most chemicals. 
  • Weather-resistant. 
  • Easy to paint and has good workability. 
  • Natural timber look. 
  • Fire-resistant - Class "O" and deemed non-combustible to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). 
  • Product Data Sheet (PDS)



  • Thickness (T): 9.0MM
  • Width (W): 230MM
  • Length (L): 3660MM
  • Colour:  Cement Base
  • Edge Detail: Square Edge
  • Surface texture: Smooth



  • Fascia Board Ceiling. 
  • Gate and Fencing. 
  • Skirting. 
  • Screening. 
  • Decking. 
  •  Wall and Gable End Cladding. 


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