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Suzuka Kastone Brick Ledge Stone DS-808C Corner Brick [7.5~7.8 FT/BOX]

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Suzuka Kastone Brick Ledge Stone DS-808C Corner Brick [7.5~7.8 FT/BOX]

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  • Brand Suzuka
  • Model: SUZUKA-DS-808C
  • Weight: 25.00kg
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  • Type: Corner brick. 
  • Coverage: 7.5~7.8 ft/box. 
  • Packing: 24 boxes/pallet. 


Useful Tips 

Suzukacoat Kastone is a manufactured building stone material offering excellent durability & the authentic imitation of natural stone - all at a fraction of the cost. Kastone brings the beauty & appeal of stone into any design or building with its wide variety of textures and vivid colours. 

Kastone fits all building plans large or small, interior or exterior. Due to its lightness, it is easy to install as no wall ties nor footings are needed. Moreover, its versatility as an internal & external wall application is now complete with a full range of finishes for all your needs. 



  • The packing coverage and length for DS-02X, 06X, 07X, 08X, 90X and 09X are inclusive of groove line application. 
  • Please allow a ~5% tolerance for colour and packing of the artificial stone. 
  • Please contact us to check stock availability prior ordering. 


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