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THI Electro Galvanized (EG) Metal Door Frame 0.8MM (T) x 150MM (PS) 33 6/8" (W) x 7' (H) (LEFT)

THI Electro Galvanized (EG) Metal Door Frame 0.8MM (T) x 150MM (PS) 33 6/8" (W) x 7' (H) (LEFT)

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Opening Directions

LEFT OpeningRIGHT Opening

 Door knob on LEFT Door Knob on RIGHT
 Hinges on RIGHT Hinges on LEFT



  • Material: Electro Galvanized (EG)
  • Thickness: 0.8MM
  • Profile Size (PS): THI 8, 150MM (6")
  • Inner Width: 33 6/8"
  • Outer Width: 36"
  • Outer Height: 84"
  • Inner Height: 83"
  • 3 PCS x 100MM Galvanized (GI) Welded Hinges
  • Corners: Tagged, mitred, welded & treated
  • Striker plate
  • Fish Tails


Technical Detail THI Door Frame


Installation Procedure

 Mark out the area where the brickwork and the door is going to be
 Use two lengths of timber to prop up door to standing position.
 Use a spirit to plumb the frame. When it's plumbed, secure the timber stays with a couple of bricks.
 You can now proceed to lay the bricks into the rebate at the back of the frame.
 It is important to place mortar into the gap between the brick and the frame. This is to ensure that the frame when filled with cement will be extremely rigid and strong. Further, the wall will be constructed plumb with uniform thickness.
 Each metal door frame is supplied with a number of wire brick ties. Use them to tie brickwork every fouth of fifth brick course.



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