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3M CTM-02 Countertop Indoor Drinking Water System with Replacement Cartridge C-Complete

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3M CTM-02 Countertop Indoor Drinking Water System with Replacement Cartridge C-Complete

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  • Brand 3M
  • Model: 3M-CTM02
  • Weight: 1.90kg
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3M CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT REMINDER SERVICE OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE GETS EVEN BETTER AND IT'S FREE. It is recommended that filter cartridges are changed on a scheduled basis and not in use longer than 12 months to ensure the continued performance of your filter. As part of our customer service, we will send you a notification to keep you reminded and it is FREE! Terms & Conditions Apply. 



With over 75 years of experience in filtration technology, 3M Purification Inc. is the trusted expert in many different industries and markets. Our filtration technology has been proven in the most demanding and challenging applications, which include pharmaceutical laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and restaurant chains.

Now, with the 3M Countertop Drinking Water System CTM-02, you can enjoy cleaner, clearer, and better tasting water that has been filtered with our industry proven technology, right in your home!



  • Reliable quality - Water filter cartridge is tested and certified by NSF standards 42 and 53. 
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High water flow rate - up to 2.8 liters/minute. 
  • Countertop installation - no drilling required. 
  • Futuristic design
  • Up to 14,000 glasses* - assumption 1 glass = 200ml. 
  • Reduces - chlorine taste & odor, cysts, particulates, lead, mercury, benzene, toxaphene, and p-dichlorobenzene down to 0.5 microns. 
  • Change the disposable filter cartridge every six (6) months or sooner if you observe a noticeable reduction in water flow rate.
  • Packaging size: 21cm x 13cm x 40cm. 


Replacement Catridge C-Complete

  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/4" (0.64 cm) tube.
  • Flow rate: 0.75 gpm (2.9 lpm).
  • Micron Ratings: 0.5 micron nominal.
  • Capacity: 750 gallons (2,839 liters). •
  • Dimension: 31.8cm (H) x 8.9cm (D).


4 Easy Steps

  1. Remove cover
  2. To release the old filter cartridge from the filter base, give the cartridge a ¼ twist in an anti-clockwise direction
  3. To install the new filter catridge on the filter base, give the cartridge a ¼ twist in a clockwise direction
  4. Flush the system for one full minute to remove any trapped air


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