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Floor Series

Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-WFC900GM
FeaturesKleenso 9 in 1 Wood Floor Cleaner is the floor cleaning chores where no rinsing is required and it'd non-toxic. The 9 functions include:Reduce Insects pH neutral Extra Shining Strong Resistance of Dirts and Grimes Non-Sticky Environmental Friendly Moisturizer Ant..
Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-ABTTOC120ML
FeaturesNon-toxis and non-hazardous. Tea tree oil anti-bacterial. pH neutral. Extra shining clear. Anti-static. Natural flower fragrance. Moisturizer. Non-sticky. Environmental friendly. Disclaimer All product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Ac..
Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-GFFC2.4L
DescriptionGoood Floor Cleaner 2.4 Litre not only reduces drying time, it also remove Oil Stains and Grease effectively without leaving behind watermark.   FeaturesAnti bacteria Comfortable foot feel Remove stickiness No watermark Remove Oil Stains..
Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-LWLFC
FunctionsThe pH is Neutral Anti-Static Environmental Friendly Non-Sticky No Rinsing Bright SurfaceSoft Finish on Marble, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Parquet and all composite flooring. UsesUse 1 capful into 1/2 bucket of water (Approximately 8 litres) and mop w..
Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-P10FC900ML
FeaturesTea Tree Oil Anti-Bacterial(Reduce Insect) Ph Neutral Extra Shining Clean Strong Resistant Of Dirts And Grimes Non-Sticky Environmental Friendly Moisturizer Anti-Static(Easy Maintenance) Disclaimer All product images shown are for illustration purposes on..
Brand: Kleenso Model: KLS-SW99FC
DescriptionBest and safe way to repel insects such as mosquito, flies, cockroaches, ants and lizards. It contain mild cleaner which can (2 in 1) clean the surface and repel the insects especially the flies. Using natural serai wangi oil as base come with anti-bacterial agent Is best and s..
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