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CIF Professional Home Care

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Description Apply cif using a damp soft cloth then wipe clean and rinse. Avoid prolonged rubbing on a single spot. Firmly close the cap after use. Check surface suitability before use. Recommend for ..
Description Concentrated floor degreaser is specially designed to remove heavy deposits of grease and oil based soils. The quick drying formula leaves your floor squeaky clean and without any sticky ..
Description Make cleaning your oven and grills a breeze with Cif Oven cleaner spray. This unique formula is: Fume-free.  Tough on grease & burnt-on food.  Effici..
Description CIF Stainless Steel spray thoroughly degrease and cleans dirt while leaving a gleaming shine on your stainless steel surface degreases surfaces.  removes stubbo..
Description CIF Bathroom Cleaner effectively cleans bathroom dirt. The fast acting versatile formula is a Soap scum & lime scale remover.  Streak-free and shine agent.&..
Description CIF Multi surface cleaner is a fast cleaning formula which leaves sparkling clean surfaces. The anti bacteria formulation leaves your premises virtually free from germs. ..
Description CIF All Purpose Cleaner cleans on most surfaces and stains. Fast and simple daily cleaning of unpolished floors, walls, paintwork, ceramics, laminates, plastics and all other wash..
Description CIF Glass cleaner produces streak free finish on Glass & Mirrors. The versatile cleaner is suitable for removing water spots on chrome & stainless steel surfaces.  ..
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