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Deb Gritty Foam Heavy Duty Rich-Cream Foaming Hand Cleanser 3.25L

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Deb Gritty Foam Heavy Duty Rich-Cream Foaming Hand Cleanser 3.25L

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  • Cleanse heaver duty.
  • Combine heavy duty hand cleanser ingredients and non-abrasive natural scrubbing agents.
  • Rich-cream heavy duty foaming hand cleanser with suspended, non-abrasive cornmeal bio-scrubbers for deep-cleaning action.
  • The rapid and effective cleansing action, combined with excellent skin feel during and after use, encourages compliance.
  • Made in Australia.




For use at the end of each work period, or more frequently if required, to remove synthetic and mineral based oils and greases, plus most other ingrained industrial contaminants, such as synthetic and petroleum based oils, greases & lubricants and general dirt and grime.


Method of use

Apply 1 dose to dry hand and rub well to loosen soiling. Then add a litter water clean and continues to rub before rinsing well with clean running water and dry hand with clean paper towel.


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