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Greenseal PVC Waterstop GS328 External Construction Joints 200MM (W) x 20M (L)

Greenseal PVC Waterstop GS328 External Construction Joints 200MM (W) x 20M (L)

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Greenseal Waterstop is extruded from a high-grade elastomeric polyvinyl chloride compound. Additional resins, plasticizers, inhibitors, and other materials are used in compounding the material to meet the requirement of the specification of BS2571/63 Class 1-A3. No reclaimed PVC is used. It comes in natural white color and is packed as a 20 linear meter roll.



  • Type: External
  • Size: 200mm (W) x 20M (L)



Greenseal PVC Waterstops are designed for use inside concrete structures to ensure continuous watertight efficiency by stopping any leaks and preventing water seepage. It is designed to allow for expansion, contraction, and other movements that could cause joints to open or close.



  • Various profiles available in rolls with separate intersections supplied to simplify and minimize on-site fabrication
  • Various profiles and sizes to suit all construction requirements
  • Greenseal PVC Waterstop conformed to all relevant standards
  • Approved for use in contract with potable water tank



Site Jointing Instructions: On-site jointing can be easily done using a heating blade and adjustable jig. Slide up the ends of the water and stop against the heating blade until a bend of molten PVC appears along the length of the blade. Remove the heating blade and press the two ends together until the molten end of the PVC fuses.



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