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KHP Kim Deck Metal Roofing GR24 0.47MM (TCT)

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KHP Kim Deck Metal Roofing GR24 0.47MM (TCT)

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  • Brand KHP
  • Model: KHP-KD24I
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KHP KIMDECK is a quality profile, which has been designed and engineered with the highest standard of modern metal roofing technology. It is made from the highest grade steel available in a range of coating either Aluzinc, Galvanized steel of coloured. Its special anti-capillary features along side lap make it suited for severe weather condition. 

KHP KIMDECK excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long economical spans leading to cost saving in any building projects. 



  • Top Coat Thickness (TCT): 0.47MM. 
  • Gauge: GR24. 


Features & Benefits 

  • Economical installation.. 
  • Can be use on roof pitches from as low as 5 degree.. 
  • Excellent wind resistance.. 
  • Excellent spanning capacity and light weight. 
  • Minimum maintenance. 



  • Roof. 
  • Wall. 
  • Fencing. 
  • Fascia. 


Building Types 

  • Residential. 
  • Commercial. 
  • Industry. 
  • Institutional. 
  • Public. 




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