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KTH 2K Thinner 2KG


KTH 2K Thinner 2KG

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  • Brand KTH Paint
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  • Model: KTH-2KT-2KG
  • Weight: 2.20kg
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KTH 2K THINNER is fast drying, good solvency thinner for 2K polyurethane finish. It is a high-quality thinner, does not contains any alcohol, and gives good solubility to 2K polyurethane paint. 

It can be used for thinning 2K paint.

Safety Precaution
  1. This product is flammable.
  2. Keep away from sources of ignition.
  3. Keep container tightly closed and keep out of reach of children.
  4. Wear suitable personal protective clothing during painting.
  5. Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not breathe or inhale spray mist.
  6. Avoid skin and eye contact. Spillage on the skin should be removed immediately with cleanser, soap, and water. The eye should be well flushed with water and seek medical advice immediately if discomfort persists


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