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Qinglong Eco Friendly Polyurethane Waterproof Coating 3KG

Qinglong Eco Friendly Polyurethane Waterproof Coating 3KG

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  • The coating film has rubber elasticity, good extensibility, and high tensile strength.
  • It has good high-temperature resistance and low-temperature flexibility.
  • It is easy to apply the thick coating, the coating film has no joints and strong integrity.
  • It has certain corrosion resistance.


Application Range

  • Waterproofing for various roofs and toilets.
  • Waterproofing for the surface in contact with water of the underground maintenance structure.
  • Waterproofing for the surface that contacts with water of the basements, swimming pools, civil air defense projects, storage pools, etc. 


 Application Methods

  1. The construction surface is required to be dry, solid, flat, dust-free, oil-free, and with moisture content <9%.
  2. Mix material A and material B according to the proportion and still well.
    The direction of scraping should be crisscross-cutting.
  3. This product normally needs to apply twice. The thickness of each coating is generally about 1.0mm. The second layer can be carried out when the first layer is dried, cured, and no longing sticks to the hands.

** Reference consumption: 1.2kg/m2 - 1.5kg/m2 (1.0mm thickness).

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