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Qinglong Fast Leakage Fix 1KG

Qinglong Fast Leakage Fix 1KG

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  • Wet application, moisture-proof, anti-seepage, rapid plugging. It can be applied on surfaces in contact or not in contact with water.
  • Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting. It can be used in drinking water projects.
  • High impermeability, excellent adhesion, and waterproof bonding is formed at one time.
  • Integrated with the base layer. It will not age and possess good resistance to water.


Application Range

  • Waterproofing of surfaces in contact and not in contact with water
  • This product is a quickly-setting type that is used for moisture-proofing, waterproofing, and plugging of wall seepage and leaking holes and cracks.


Application Method

  1. Treatment of the leaking hole: chisel the hole into a groove with a small opening and a large base. Remove the debris and sprinkle water on the surface.
  2. Before plugging, waterproof the parts that leak water or with seepage issues. Plug the leaking hole only after these parts have certain strength or waterproof ability, otherwise, water seepage may occur in areas surrounding the leaking hole.
  3. Material preparation: Add Qinglong Leakage Fix into the water using the following ratio: powder: water=1: 0.25 (weight ratio), and knead it into a dough for plugging.
  4. Knead the leakage fix into small dough according to the shape of the hole and the crack. Set it aside for a while (squeeze it by hand until it generates heat), then stuffed it into the hole and press it hard with a wooden stick. Hit it gently so that it can have a compact form to fill the hole entirely and stop the leak instantly.
  5. Scrap a coating on the areas 10cm in diameter around the leaking part.



  • 1KG




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