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Qinglong Waterproof Easy Tape Aluminum Foil Tape Butyl 20MM (W) x 5M (L)

Qinglong Waterproof Easy Tape Aluminum Foil Tape Butyl 20MM (W) x 5M (L)

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  • Model: QL-ET20x5
  • Weight: 1.50kg
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  • With excellent adhesion, it can form effective waterproof bonding with various surfaces.
  • Good extensibility and tensile strength, permanent flexibility, able to withstand a certain degree of movement, deformation, and cracking of buildings.
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, acid & alkali, weather, corrosion, and high and low temperature.
  • Easy to apply, direct adhesion, accurate consumption, reduced waste, no pollution, safe and environmental-friendly.


Product Specifications

  • Size: 20MM (W) x 5M (L) 
  • Colour: No Color


Application Range

  • Sealing of joints between steel structures, color steel plates of metal roofs, and lighting sheets.
  • Repair of cracks in various structures and surfaces such as the waterproof sealing of gaps between glass pieces, construction joints, concrete cracks, wood, plastics and etc.
  • Waterproof sealing and repair of various pipes, such as plastic pipes, iron pipes and etc.


Application Method

  1. Cleaning: Remove impurities on the cracked surface to ensure that it is firm, clean, dry, and free of oil.
  2. Cutting: Cut the QL- Easy Tape according to the length of the crack or gap.
  3. Taping: Peel off the film on the bottom of the tape, attach it to the crack or both sides of the joint, and press it tightly.


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