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Shera Wood Wall Board Square Cut 12MM (T) x 1220MM (W) x 2440MM (L)


Shera Wood Wall Board Square Cut 12MM (T) x 1220MM (W) x 2440MM (L)

Price in reward points: 46000
  • Brand SHERA
  • Model: SHR-WBSC-12x1220x2440
  • Weight: 54.00kg
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SHERA Wall Board is unique for its water resistance, moisture resistance, non-flammability, strength, and shock resistance, so it is suitable for both exterior and interior wall applications including office buildings, industrial works, residences, hotels, schools, hospitals, and so on. The wallboard consists of a square-cut edge for the exposed walls.



• Size: 12MM (T) x 1220MM (W) x 2440MM (L)

• Color : Uncolored

• Weight: 54kg



• Water resistant.

• Moisture resistant.

• Non flammable.

• Shock resistant.

• Suitable for residence or office.

• Easy installation.

• Sustainable.


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