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Tekiro SD-CG0854 Cushion Grip Philips Screwdriver PH3x150MM

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Tekiro SD-CG0854 Cushion Grip Philips Screwdriver PH3x150MM

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  • Brand Tekiro
  • Model: TKR-SD-CG0854
  • Weight: 127.00g
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• TEKIRO Cushion Grip Screwdrivers are made of high quality, strong and durable chrome vanadium steel (CR-V).

• The handle is triangular shaped with rubber stripped handle to provide highest torque with excellent grip in the greasy conditions. This product is highly recommended for mechanics and foremen.

• TEKIRO Cushion Grip Screwdrivers come with magnetic tip for easy screw pickup, which is an added advantage of the product.



• Made of chrome vanadium steel

• Excellent grip in greasy condition

• Magnetic tip for easy screw pickup

• Function: to tighten and loosen screws.

• Material: chrome vanadium steel

• Colour: Green (+)

• Weight: 127g


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