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YTL Castle Portland Composite Cement (PCC) 50KG

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YTL Castle Portland Composite Cement (PCC) 50KG

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CASTLE, general purpose cement is designed to achieve the required strength with enhanced workability for general purpose mortar and concrete applications. This high performance cement which is ground to a significantly higher fineness, thus resulting in better water retention and cohesiveness in mortar and cencrete. The better workability will enhance the execution of work, leading to less wastage and smoother finishing. All these properties make CASTLE the best choice for meeting the needs of contractors, architects, engineers and home owners. 



CASTLE is a bagged Portland Composite Cement, certified to MS EN 197-1 : 2014, Portland Limestone Cement, CEM II / B-L 32.5N. It is manufactured by grinding Portland cement clinker and specially selected high quality limestone. 



Recommended Mix Proportions 

Environmental Benefits 

CASTLE is produced using the most advanced energy efficient cement production process. Every effort has been made to reduce the environmental foot print during the production of this product. The use of high quality limestone to replace a portion of the clinker also served to reduce the carbon foot print of the product. 



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