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YTL Walcrete Masonry Cement (MC) 50KG

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YTL Walcrete Masonry Cement (MC) 50KG

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Walcrete is a specially designed plastering cement in our ECOCem product range. It is made with 40% to 50% lower CO₂. It contains an air entrainment agent to give better performance in plastering applications. Formulated for excellent workability and strong adhesion to walls, it is perfect for both interior and exterior plastering.

ECOCem is our range of low carbon cement to help Malaysia build sustainably. It is produced with lower CO₂ emissions and contains repurposed materials. ECOCem is our contribution to making the low carbon circular economy a reality.


Key Benefits

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Excellent workability
  • Achieves better finishing
  • Quality consistency
  • Easy to mix and apply



  • Suitable for internal and external plastering works



  • MS EN 413-1: 2012 (MC 5)



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