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Arensi-Marley XPERT F525 Debris Trap 4" (White)

Arensi-Marley XPERT F525 Debris Trap 4" (White)

  • Brand Arensi-Marley
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  • Model: AMF525-DT4
  • Weight: 0.20kg
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Arensi-Marley's range of rain water gutter systems are now fully certified to BS EN 607:2004 -uPVC Eaves Gutter and Fittings (Certificate No.:PA015003). Arensi-Marley's range of uPVC Gutter is an unique and preventive investment for your buildings. Arensi-Marley's ranges of uPVC gutter are based on special formulation to provide maximum durability, resistance to all climatic effect and chemical corrosion as well as remain dimensionally stable overtime. Its profile varieties are able to complement any architectural styles, easy to assemble, durable, maintenance free and never rust or rot.



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