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FTW Form Tie with a Nut Type B 9MM (DIA) x 250MM (L)

FTW Form Tie with a Nut Type B 9MM (DIA) x 250MM (L)

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The Form Tie system prevents breakage in the formwork, thus keeping concrete structures in good shape without discolouration. Besides ease of assembly and removal, the system saves construction costs as all parts are reusable except for the separator, which is casted into the wall. 



Form Tie Complete Set Requirements 

 Form Tie with a Nut2 pcs
 Inner Unit B1
 Plastic Cone2
 Flat Rib Washer2


Inner Unit 

Inner units of all sizes can be made and supplied upon request depending on required wall thickness. 

TypeDimensional Diagrams
Inner Unit B


Plastic Cone (Type B-Plywood Panel) 


A- Panel thickness 

B- Inner unit diameter 



Flat Rib Washers For Wood Batters



Rubber RingU ClipForm Tie SpannerBox Spanner D and B



  1. Plastic cone to be attached to both ends of Inner Unit.. 
  2. Drill a 12mm hole for the passage of a plastic cone axis at a prescribed location in the panel before hand.. 
  3. Insert the Inner Unit from the inner panel and screw on the Form Tie.. 
  4. Erect the studs successively. Apply the Flat Rib Washer to the wales and tighten with nuts.. 
  5. Repeat the same procedure for the outer panel.. 



  1. Loosen nut and remove the wales.. 
  2. Remove Form Tie.. 
  3. Take off panel.. 
  4. Remove plastic cone from concrete surface. Plastic cone hole is filled up by cement mortar.. 



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