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Pesso Total Pest Solutions

Features & BenefitsNatural Ingredients Not harmful to human  Eradicate entire ant colony at its nesting area How does it work?Apply at area where ants are detected Ants consume bait and bring it back to their nest They distribute bait throughout colony ..
DescriptionPesso's Eco Cockroach Bait is designed to be effective against all major pest species of cockroaches including German, American, Brownbanded and oriental cockroaches.The main active ingredient is Indoxacarb, which works effectively as both attractant and carrier. And entire co..
Features & BenefitsKeeps House Lizard away from walls, ceilings, lights etc Non-Pesticide Ingredient PESSO Lizard Repellent spray does not kill the lizards. Each spray on the surface will deter the lizard’s ability to cling onto the surface.  Spraying at the relevant entr..
DescriptionPePesso Ant Repellent cleaner, a Natural Serai Wangi and other natural anti-bacterial agent, is currently the best and safe way to repel ant. 2 in 1: It contains mild cleaner to clean surfaces and act as repelling agent. Regularly spray onto table, cabinet, chair floor, kitchen and w..
Pesso Eco Termite Removal is use to control:-Subterranean Termites Drywood termites Wood destroying beetles Decay fungiIt can either apply in indoors as well as outdoors. Our product is eco-friendly and does not contains unpleasant smell. Disclaimer All prod..
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