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How to Check Reward Points and Redeem Points for Products?

How to Check Reward Points?

  1. Login Account
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Reward Points at the Right column

How to Redeem Points for Products?

  1. Partial Points deduction
  2. Full Points redemption

*Standard Redemption Conversion is 400 Points to RM1.

Partial Points Deduction

Please refer to the available Reward Points for partial redemption. Partial Points entered will be automatically converted to RM value.

How to Convert Points to RM Value?

Formula: (Points use to Redeem by Buyer/Redemption Points of the Product ) x Product Selling Price


( 184/22800 ) x RM26.65 = RM0.21

Full Points Redemption

Please refer to the maximum Reward Points for full redemption. Ensure sufficient available Points for the transaction.

*This loyalty program is valid for registered members only. Reward Point does not include shipping fees and sales taxes. Points are automatically credited into account upon successful payment and delivery confirmation. Any adjustments, amendments or cancellations thereafter will be subjected to Points revision based on the final sales amount.