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Suzuka Strato® Interior Textured Paint

Strato® Interior Textured Paint

Strato® Cashmere

Cashmere is Suzuka's latest series in elegant textured coating. Achieved through exquisite layering and delicate craftsmanship, the finished product gives a refined and royal appearance with a subtle hint of sophistication. Cashmere carries matte coatings in an array of pastel and rich colours, along with shimmery and sandy coatings for a glowing and ornate look.


Strato® Chiffon

Chiffon's wide range of bright and earthy colours, paired with subtle layers of texture, creates a sophisticated and refined ambiance in any space.


Strato® Taffeta

Taffeta features a vibrant collection of pearl-infused pastel colours, creating a soft and radiant ambiance for your space.


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